Oct 7, 2017

School Project: Dramatizing a Story

writing project

In your project work of “Dramatizing a story” you are expected to recreate a short story as a stage play. In order to do this you must first understand the basic difference between a story and a play. A story is narrative in nature, it tells something while drama is a medium that shows. Therefore, when you are transforming a story into drama you must make full use of the dramatic and visual qualities of the story, emphasize on character portrayal through dialogue and show a logical arrangement of events or plot. Always try to be original in your project and try something different to enhance your creativity. These are certain guidelines to help you in this challenging but highly rewarding task.

Sep 28, 2017

Elizabeth in "Pride and Prejudice": A Critical Evaluation

Pride and Prejudice is brought vividly to life by a kaleidoscope of different and even contrasting characters, most of whom are identifiable from their speech patterns itself. Of course, not all characters are or need to be equally realized. The plot of Pride and Prejudice lies more in the psychological movements of the characters than in the external events. This is particularly true in case of Elizabeth and Darcy.

Sep 25, 2017

Shooting An Elephant: Orwell and Imperialism

Authors down the ages have continuously negotiated with the urge to express their concerns with what they find disturbing a certain balance in self or society. For Orwell, this expression is seen in his writings that have stood the test of time. In his essay, “Shooting an Elephant”, written in the form of memoir, he makes no effort to conceal his agitated mind.